Thoughts And Thanks for WPSBC

Dear Alumni:

WPSBC Superintendant Todd Reeves along with Jillian Pritts WPSBC Director of Public Relations are requesting members to share their thoughts and memories of time spent receiving education at the school.  They request it be brief and concise.   Below is an email from Jillian Pritts.  Examples to think about may include a favorite class, specific recreational activity or field trips that stood out for you individually.  Please share this with other Alumni that do not have the use of email.  If interested the school appreciates your input and would like responses sent over the next month
or so.  Send thoughts and memories to

President Ted Crum


From: Pritts, Jillian []
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 10:30 AM
Subject: Thoughts and Thanks for WPSBC

Hi Ellen and Ted!

Wondering if you might be interested in helping me.  I’m getting up some new info on the School’s website regarding the 125th anniversary and one of the new sections is called “Thoughts and Thanks” where we want to elicit some well wishes/memories regarding the School.

I need to get it up and running and I’m hoping you might be willing to submit something.  Not really looking for anything long or in-depth or extensive, just a personal reflection or perspective.

If yes, would you email it to me?

Ted – wondering if you might be willing to share this with our alumni?  You can either just forward this email to the members or you can send me their addresses and I (or Todd) can send something out on behalf of the School?  Your call on what might be most effective.

In fact, if there is anyone else you might want to share this opportunity with, please do.  Once I get maybe one or two up (hopefully your thoughts and thanks) you can always direct them to our website or give them my email address for more info.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks  so much,

Jillian  —