Treasurer’s Report: 2010-08-07

Treasurer’s Report for August 7th, 2010 The following report was presented at the 2010 WPSBC Alumni Association convention business meeting.  Additional information is available about individual checking account transaction to authorized parties upon request. Checking Account Summary Beginning Balance:            2643.38 (As of 2008-07-03) Total Debts:                  11603.16    (Sum of all debts) Total Deposits:               13018.10    (Sum of … Continue reading Treasurer’s Report: 2010-08-07

Board Minutes: 2009-12-09

December 9, 2009 Alumni Board meeting Present, Janice Miller, Ed Facemyer, Albert Pietrolungo, Ellen Goldfon, Chuck Schaefer, Bill Newland, Bonnie Newland, Tom Hesley, Joanna Berkovic, and Ted crum. Meeting began 7:10 p.m. via conference call. 1,            minutes Al moved minutes be approved. Tom seconded the motion. Motion past unanimously. 2,            Treasurers report Tom Hesley As … Continue reading Board Minutes: 2009-12-09

Board Minutes: 2009-10-07

October 7 2009 alumni board meeting minutes President Ted Crum began the meeting 7:02 p.m via conference call. Present, Bill Newland Ted Crum, Bonnie Newland, Albert Pietrolungo, Ed Facemyer, Joanna berkovic, Ellen Goldfon, Chuck Schaeffer, and Janice Miller. 1,         minutes It was decided to dispense with reading of minutes, because board members should have received … Continue reading Board Minutes: 2009-10-07