Alumni Bulletin 2017

President’s Introduction Hello Alumni! Welcome back to the 2017 edition of the Alumni Bulletin.  Hoping everyone is enjoying the springtime sunshine and all those flitting songbirds. Of important note: We’ll be hosting the convention a couple months later than usual this year due to bridge construction at the school.  So this year’s alumni convention will … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2017

2016 Fun Day Update – Bulletin Addendum

Friends, If you are planning on attending this year’s Alumni Fun Day Social on September 10th, 2016 at the school, please call Joanna Berkovic by August 31st, 2016, and let her know.  Even if you’re not bringing a guest, and even though this is a free-of-charge activity, we still need you to notify her if you’re … Continue reading 2016 Fun Day Update – Bulletin Addendum

Alumni Bulletin 2016

Alumni Bulletin 2016 Dear fellow alums: Another year has gone by since we last met at the convention.  I hope you all have remained happy and healthy in that time.  Finally, the temperatures are warming, and those favorite summertime activities are moving into full swing.  Hello summer! To cap off what promises to be a … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2016

Alumni Bulletin 2015

President’s letter Hello to all Alumni and friends: The school has given us the green light to resume our Alumni convention so as a result we will meet this summer August 7th, 8th, & 9th.  I’m happy to announce that costs for attending the convention will remain the same as they were in 2012.  Please … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2015

Alumni Bulletin 2014

  President’s Letter Dear fellow members of the WPSBC Alumni Association, Welcome to the 2014 edition of the WPSBC Alumni Association’s annual bulletin.  As per usual, we have lots of interesting and relevant news for you this time around, including a piece about our very own Ray Lantz, information about the school, and details about … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2014

Alumni Bulletin 2013

Dear Alumni: Summer has just begun and it is time once again to reserve that special social day on our Alumni calendar.  I hope you will be able to attend this year’s Social Fun Day scheduled for Saturday September 14th.  The school has set Saturday the 14th for our get together and the doors will … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2013

Alumni Bulletin: 2012

The registration form is at the end of the bulletin.     Letter from President Ted Crum:   Hello to all Alumni members and welcome to your 2012 Spring-Summer Alumni Bulletin.  Although I’m writing to you on a dreary rainy morning in mid-May our next Alumni Convention will be here before you know it.  The … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin: 2012

Alumni Bulletin: 2010

Letter from President Ted Crum Greetings to all Alumni members: As our president I’d like to welcome everyone to the Spring Summer 2010 Bulletin and hope most if not all of you are able to attend this year’s bi-annual Alumni reunion.  The dates for our Alumni convention are August 6, 7, and 8th.  Fortunately, the … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin: 2010

Alumni Bulletin: 2009

FROM THE PRESIDENT Welcome everyone to the Summer 2009 WPSBC Alumni Bulletin I would like to make an apology for not getting the Alumni bulletin out sooner; however we have several reasons for that. This year we are trying to do the bulletin in several formats. In the past it was cassette and large type … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin: 2009

Alumni Bulletin: 2007

From The President Dear Alumni Members, As I gather my thoughts to write my annual letter to you, the smell of freshly cut grass and the soft rustling of new leaves gently touched by the warm breeze tell me that the summer season is surely here again. I hope you have all enjoyed lots of … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin: 2007