2016 Fun Day Update – Bulletin Addendum

Friends, If you are planning on attending this year’s Alumni Fun Day Social on September 10th, 2016 at the school, please call Joanna Berkovic by August 31st, 2016, and let her know.  Even if you’re not bringing a guest, and even though this is a free-of-charge activity, we still need you to notify her if you’re … Continue reading 2016 Fun Day Update – Bulletin Addendum

Alumni Bulletin 2016

Alumni Bulletin 2016 Dear fellow alums: Another year has gone by since we last met at the convention.  I hope you all have remained happy and healthy in that time.  Finally, the temperatures are warming, and those favorite summertime activities are moving into full swing.  Hello summer! To cap off what promises to be a … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2016