Louis Zasadni Passed Away

We received word in the past few days that class of 1948 graduate Louis Zasadni died recently.  This loss saddens and rudely reminds us, with ever increasing frequency, how our body of living former students dwindles more and more each year.  So I hope that as many of you as are able, will attend our next alumni … Continue reading Louis Zasadni Passed Away

Eugene Love: 2010-04-16

Many of you know and like Eugene Love. He is now a resident at The Commons skilled nursing facility, located in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, as with most of these types of places, they do what they have to do and that’s about it. Eugene is stoically bearing up with all of … Continue reading Eugene Love: 2010-04-16

Nancy Goldfon’s Super Coleslaw

Nancy Goldfons Super Coleslaw Nancy Goldfon is my southern sister in-law, and she makes the worlds best coleslaw.   Ingredients One head cabbage, shredded Or two bags slaw mix One onion grated   Dressing Ingredients   Four tablespoons real mayonnaise A few good squirts of bottled Italian dressing, approximately one quarter cup.     Directions Mix the … Continue reading Nancy Goldfon’s Super Coleslaw

Jenny Kaywood’s Broiled Bananas

Jenny Kaywood’s Broiled Bananas Ingredients Four bananas sliced in rounds One cup powdered sugar One cup crushed cornflakes or cornflake crumbs One half cup lemon juice Butter   Directions In three separate bowls, place powdered sugar, corn flake crumbs, and lemon juice.  Dip each banana round in lemon juice, powdered sugar, and end with the … Continue reading Jenny Kaywood’s Broiled Bananas

Cooking Under Fire

Cooking Under Fire, taught by Jenny Kaywood, the southern powerhouse. What comes to mind when you think about home economics teachers?  Usually, they are old fashioned, kindly, and efficient ladies, who cheerfully dispense the basics of cooking and homemaking.  Demurely, the teacher of the fifties and sixties would waltz around the classroom, checking on each … Continue reading Cooking Under Fire

Board Minutes: 2010-04-11

Alumni board meeting April 11, 2010 Meeting held via conference call. Everyone was in attendance Treasurer’s Report: We started with a balance in the checking account of $161.65. The debits $588.65 deposits $3089.32 total net gain $2500.67. Ending balance in checking $2662.32. In the Lincoln account the balance of $36238.52 as of December 4, 2009. … Continue reading Board Minutes: 2010-04-11

Ellen’s Favorite Housemothers

School Days.  Housemothers.  Those mostly lovely ladies with the very very quiet shoes, which we called, housemother shoes.  These were usually single or widowed ladies, whose sole job in life was to keep the girls in line, acting as surrogate moms by monitoring us, correcting us, and loving us.  In our nursery school days, there … Continue reading Ellen’s Favorite Housemothers

Convention 2010 Scheduled

The 2010 Alumni Convention will be held during the weekend of August 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2010. More information about this biannual get-together will be provided in this year’s Alumni Bulletin; to be issued in the next couple months.

Next Board Meeting: 2010-04-11

The next board meeting will be held via teleconference on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at 7:00 PM:  Those who need to know how to get in should already have the telephone number and pass-code.  If not, contact our president, Ted Crum.