125th WPSBC Anniversary Coming Up

Wanted: your memories

With the approaching 125th birthday of the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children in January, 2012, we at school are very interested in your memories and thoughts at this very significant time in our long history.

Just as I did when I wrote about my memories for you a while ago, we know that your special memories could fill a book, let alone, a column.  Our ultimate goal is to publish a column during 2012 which will be placed on the   website of the school,   for the readers who are unfamiliar with WPSBC. To get an idea of what the various time periods were like in which you attended.

Once you’ve gotten your memories written down, please send them via email to: prittsj@wpsbc.org or you can mail them to

Jillian M. Pritts, Institutional Advancement Manager
Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children
201 N. Bellefield Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa.   15213

We sincerely thank you in advance.

Ellen Goldfon,
Class of 1974