Norman Anderson Passed Away

We’ve just learned that 1955 WPSBC graduate Norman Anderson passed away.  Norm taught at WPSBC for a time, and then his career took him to the Maryland School for the Blind, where he also taught.  Do rest in peace, Norm.    

Ilene Sirocca Passed Away

We learned recently of the passing of 1966 WPSBC graduate Ilene Sirocca, who was best known around Pittsburgh for her singing and piano-playing abilities.  Included   here  is a recent performance by the Morningside native.  Enjoy.  Rest in peace, Ilene.  Wherever you’ve gone, they’ll truly appreciate your singing.      

Karen Irvine Passed Away

Just received word that 1973 WPSBC graduate Karen Irvine passed away last weekend, from a sudden heart attack.  Karen attended the alumni convention back in 2008 (I think), and was often accompanied about by Jim and Linda Davis; good friends they were.  She lived in the Philadelphia region.  Rest in peace, Karen.