Mrs. Caputo Update

I talked with Geraldine “Deannie” Caputo this morning.  Most of you will remember her as the bubbly and energetic health and physical education teacher from the 1960s through 1990s.  She sounded as feisty and vital as ever, despite the fact that she’ll turn 80 years old this year.  In fact, with the exception of some mild shoulder joint troubles, which she attributes to the many years of swimming and lifting of students into and out of the water, she’s enjoying excellent health these days.

While she frequents our conventions every other year, she nonetheless, pleasantly surprised me with the news that she married again after thirty years.  In fact, I spoke to her husband when I called; her old phone number in Stanton Heights has been disconnected and the recording on it provides her new number.  He was polite and pleasant, like her, and once he determined that I wasn’t a pesky salesman or telemarketer, he joyfully brought her right to the phone. She’s now living in Gibsonia; the two of them attended the same high school together.  They’ve been married now since 2008 and seem very happy.

Her daughters are doing well, and gave her (I think she said) six grandchildren.

She asked about all us former students, adding how much she loved her job up to the day she retired.  I updated her on those of you I know about.  She’ll probably attend some of this year’s alumni convention.  So you’ll get to update her yourself, should you decide to attend.  Until then though, she sends her loving regards, and hopes everyone is enjoying their spring.

Tom Hesley