Memories of School Days Past

SCHOOL DAYS. Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair, said Simple Simon to the pie man, let me taste your ware.

The Parent Teachers Organization or the Pto had many very loving and active parents, as it does to this day. Every election day, the PTO would hold a bake sale. Some of the most enthusiastic buyers of the enormous array of baked goods, were the children themselves. It was at one particular bake sale that I bought it. The huge apple pie. For the princely sum of seventy five cents, mind you. Back to the dorms I sauntered, this huge pie in hand, eager to show my comrades. They were thrilled, but what were we to use to eat it with? Imagine. No forks, no paper plates? We had absolutely nothing to eat this lovely apple pie with. To this very day, I don’t know how we consumed it, but we happily did. The bake sale still happens every election day. And I still participate. My mother, Dorothy or Dottie, as she liked to be called, was one of the PTOs’ most ardent participants and supporters. At first, she was the chairman of the refreshment committee. Her homemade cream pufs were always one of the bake sale favorites. She rose in the ranks, and became the president, the office she proudly held for many years. The PTO today has so many active parents, and we are indeed both lucky and richly blessed to have them in our midst.

Ellen Goldfon