Mentors Needed For Teens Who Are Blind

Insights Mentoring Program Seeks Adult Volunteers
Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh
1800 West Street, Homestead, PA 15120

This fall the Employment Opportunities Project at Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh is launching the Insights Mentoring Program. The purpose of this pilot program is to match young people ages 14-21 who are blind or visually impaired with a successful and confident adult who also experiences limited vision. Since visual impairment can be such an isolating and low incidence disability, we want to offer young people a friend/advisor who has faced and overcome similar challenges. Some of the areas where these mentors will be able to provide guidance will include: dealing with attitudes about blindness, becoming an active member of the community, identifying resources for assistance, offering tips and tricks for living independently, and enhancing job exploration through valuable insight.

BVRS is seeking successful, confident adults who are blind or visually impaired to become volunteer mentors for this exciting new program. Applicants will go through an interview process and be required to undergo a background check and attend a mentor training session. At the time of the match, both the mentor and mentee must attend a program orientation. Please see below for additional details about the mentor position.

Your Commitment:

  • Enter into a mentoring relationship for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Attend all relationship building activities offered by BVRS.
  • Meet in person at least once each month with your mentee.
  • Stay in contact with your mentee at least once a week by phone or email.
  • Provide BVRS with monthly feedback on your relationship.


Your Role:

  • Provide advice/guidance on a variety of topics
  • Share learning/skill building experiences
  • Connect the mentee to other resources/services
  • Help the mentee develop positive self-image and realistic goals

Individuals interested in becoming a mentor should complete the attached Mentor Application and submit it along with a 1-page bio to Sue Lichtenfels via email: Once your application is reviewed, Sue will call to schedule your interview. If you have any questions about the Insights Mentoring Program, please contact Sue Lichtenfels at (412) 368-4400 x3472 or (412) 965-4779.

Susan Lichtenfels
Transition Specialist
Employment Opportunities Project
Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh
1800 West St.
Homestead, PA 15120

(412) 368-4400 x3472
(412) 965-4779 (M)