Eugene Love Passed Away

On Friday, October 1st, 2010, a WPSBC Graduate and good friend to many of us,   Eugene Love,   passed away.  

A 1962 graduate, Eugene retired from the Veterans Administration a few years ago, due to health concerns.  A very good and true friend of mine, Eugene had a terrific but very droll sense of humor.  He could always be counted on for a good one liner right off the cuff, and I will always cherish his warmth and kindness.  His empathy and deep concern for not only his good friends, but people he might have recently met, lends credence to how I would characterize Eugene.  He was a true gentleman, in every sense of the word.

A devoted husband and father, Eugene leaves behind three children: Leo, Paul, and Monica, and was the widowed husband of the late Bernadette Love.  

A resident of the Squirrel Hill Commons, Eugene always saw the positive in whatever situation he found himself in, and perhaps, this is his greatest legacy.  He welcomed visitors enthusiastically, and uppermost in his mind was the comfort of the person visiting.  

Personally, I will never forget the many times Eugene visited me, arms laden with goodies from the store, and changed a house which was filled with sadness and my sorrowful heart into a much cheerier scene.  Putting his own grief aside for one day each week, [he had very recently lost his wife, Bernadette], he gladly shared what he could with me and provided a story with each musical song we listened to on satellite radio.

Any contributions you wish to make in memory of Eugene may be directed to    The Western Pennsylvania School For Blind Children

In closing I would like to offer this simple statement.  Many thanks, Eugene Love, and may your eternal home always be blissful.

Ellen Goldfon

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