Board Minutes: 2009-05-06

May 6, 2009 Alumni board meeting.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Ted Crum at 7:30 pm.

On May 6, 2009. Treasurer’s report there is a current balance in the checking account of $2273.65. Tom Hesley  reported that there was an increase in the savings accounts as well. The treasurer’s report was approved.

The web sight was discussed. Tom Hesley  would like to change the web site into a blog this would cost the organization $250 for five years. Currently we are paying $80 per year for five years. A motion was made by   Tom Hesley  and seconded by Bill Newland that we upgrade the web sight to a blog at a cost of $250 for five years and put our dicumates and minutes on this sight. The motion passed

The September social was discussed A motion was made by Janice Miller and seconded by Chuck Shafer to charge people $5 for the social. A motion was made by Ellen Goldfon and seconded by Janace Miller for the alumni to give$100 for door prizes and bingo prizes for the social.

The audible dart group is in need of money to pay for insurance. The group would like $500 to help pay for this expense. A motion was made by Bill Newland and seconded by Albert Petrolongo to give the dart group $500 contingent on the group raising the rest of the money. The motion passed. This donation would be for one year only.

Ed Facemyer suggested that we try the free conference call he said he would set it up. A motion was made by Janace Miller and seconded by Bill Newland to try the free conference call. The motion passed.

The board meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Bonnie Newland recording secretary