Becky Fuller Barnes’ Husband Passed Away

From: Kathryn Wassermann

Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 8:11 PM

To: Tony Evancic; Goldfon, Ellen


—– Original Message —– From: “Marianne Daley”

Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 3:01 PM

Subject: Death of Becky Fuller Barnes husband

Hi Joe and Tina, Al Pietrolungo may already have forwarded the below message to you about the death of Becky Barnes’ husband, Jim Barnes.  Becky’s maiden name was Fuller, and she was a student at WPSBC during the 60’s and perhaps earlier too.  She is employed at Guiding eyes for the Blind in New York as was, I think, her late husband.  I believe she also is the current President of the Guide Dog Users group of ACB.

Original message…

Hello Everyone,

Just a short while ago, i received a telephone call from our dear President, Becky Barnes, to tell me that her beloved husband, Jim, died this morning in their car as they were leaving for Church.  Jim had not yet begun to drive the car.  He was taken to the hospital; but efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

At this point, Becky is in shock and very sad.  However, she is at home, coming to terms with her loss, and depending on her family, Church friends and all of us who are fortunate to call her our friend, to be there for her. For those of us who believe in the efficacy of prayer, Becky desires that she be remembered in our prayers especially over these next days.

Right now, no arrangements have been made.

Becky and John got a late start in their lives together; but it was obvious to all of us who knew them that their lives were enriched and fulfilled in a very precious and unique way during their marriage.

Right now, Becky needs our prayers, our love and our support.  As I have walked this path now for six months, I truly know how valuable they are.


Debbie Grubb