Alumni Convention 2017 Cancelled! CANCELLED!


I’m sorry to report that we had to  cancel  the upcoming 2017 alumni convention in October. Various construction projects going on at the school have been delayed for various reasons, and so, were not finished in time for the convention.

The school suggested that we cancel our weekend get-together, due to numerous blocked hallways and rooms that will still be in place during October. Plus, they were concerned with our safety. Clearly, an under-construction environment there could pose significant safety risks for our membership.

We will likely delay this year’s convention until next summer, tentatively, depending on the school’s renovation schedule. Their plans for next summer’s construction work should be more solid come February or March of 2018. So, the board will decide at that time where, when, and how to hold this deferred convention.

That’s all for now.

Take care,
Tom Hesley, WPSBC Alumni President