Alumni Convention 2017 Cancelled! CANCELLED!

Friends, I’m sorry to report that we had to  cancel  the upcoming 2017 alumni convention in October. Various construction projects going on at the school have been delayed for various reasons, and so, were not finished in time for the convention. The school suggested that we cancel our weekend get-together, due to numerous blocked hallways … Continue reading Alumni Convention 2017 Cancelled! CANCELLED!

Alumni Bulletin 2014

  President’s Letter Dear fellow members of the WPSBC Alumni Association, Welcome to the 2014 edition of the WPSBC Alumni Association’s annual bulletin.  As per usual, we have lots of interesting and relevant news for you this time around, including a piece about our very own Ray Lantz, information about the school, and details about … Continue reading Alumni Bulletin 2014

Hymns, Halloween, Christmas, and Candles

We children at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children eagerly looked forward to the holidays, complete with many memorable celebrations.  In those happy uncomplicated days before the separation of church and state, religious education played a central role in our weekly and even daily lives.  In the dormitory, our days would begin and end … Continue reading Hymns, Halloween, Christmas, and Candles

Convention 2008 Scheduled

The 2008 Alumni Convention will be held during the weekend of August 8th, 9th, & 10th. More information about the convention will be provided in this year’s Alumni Bulletin, to be published sometime in the next few months.